Lachlan and Jill have a long history of working at Cairns Indoor Sports. They both began working at the center while they were still kids.

Lachlan then went on to manage different indoor sports centers in Queensland before embarking on a new adventure with Tim and Jill in 2000. They moved abroad to live and work for several years.

In 2003 Lachlan arrived back from living in Holland and was offered the chance to purchase the business from his old boss. He contacted Tim and Jill who were still living in London with this opportunity and they agreed this would be their next adventure.

Lachlan resumed his role as Manager and the following year, Jill and Tim moved back to Cairns and took on their roles in the business.

The business has grown to include Inflatable Kingdom which, operates on weekends and school holidays as well as Tiny Tots that opens during the week. Their pursuit has always been to get all ages active and have to fun at the same time.

Cairns Indoor Sports - Tim's cricket team
Cairns Indoor Sports - Jill's Netball cricket team
Cairns Indoor Sports - Indoor Cricket Winners

Cairns Indoor Sports is proudly aligned to Cricket Australia and Brisbane Roar and provide cricket and soccer programs to the next generation of sports stars.

Local schools are taking advantage of government sporting schools grants and are enlisting the services of the Cairns Indoor Sports coaches who are Brisbane Roar and Cricket Australia accredited to train kids in sports while at school. If your school would like to participate in this sports program please contact us on 07 40 322 844.


Cairns Indoor Sports - Shane - Sports Manager

Shane Battese

Sports Manager

When you walk through the door you are greeted by our friendly giant, Shane. Behind the scenes he is in charge of organizing your fun and ensuring the comp runs smoothly. You will likely get a phone call from Shane, checking in to hear how your team is going.

Fun Fact: Shane is a twin. What’s better than 1 Shane? 2 Shanes!

Cairns Indoor Sports - Stacey Fletcher

Stacey Fletcher

Venue Manager

Stacey has travelled all over the world, but has chosen to call Cairns his home.

Volleyball is his game, and he regularly competes in and around QLD.

Fun Fact: Stacey is originally from the UK, he has been coming to Cairns indoor sports since the day he arrived in cairns.

His eventual joining of our team, now seems to have been inevitable

Cairns Indoor Sports - Ashleigh - Inflatable Kingdom Manager


Inflatable Kingdom Manager

Ashleigh is the warm, welcoming face behind the fun at Inflatable Kingdom. She’s our party connoisseur and puts 100% into ensuring your child’s special day is perfect! Being a Mum of 2 children herself, she understands the importance of creating a friendly, safe and inviting environment for your kids to play while giving you the chance to kick back and relax.
Fun Fact: A dream night for Ash is stopping by Spotlight on the way home from work and doing some serious crocheting.
Cairns Indoor Sports - Lachlan Owner and Director

Lachlan Farquharson


Lachlan has been a Cricket Tragic from an early age and has worked in sports for the best part of 30 years. He is a Cricket Australia Level 2 Representative coach and a Brisbane Roar accredited soccer coach.

Fun Fact: Although Lachlan was school captain; he was not the Sports Captain. His wife was….who can’t catch.

Cairns Indoor Sports - Jill Owner and Director

Jillian Watson


Jillian is a gun netballer from way back and has been involved with indoor netball since she was a kid. She is your Go To for netball talk.

Fun Fact. Jillian is not Lachlan’s wife, but his sister.

Cairns Indoor Sports - Tim Owner and Director

Tim Watson


Tim likes a game of cricket and is a MAMIL. He is married to Jillian so knows a lot about netball too.

Fun Fact: Tim recently completed the Iron Man and has the shirt to prove it.